The Croydon Xyclone

The Croydon Xyclone

…here we go again – and it’s a biggie this year – our 10th Croydon Cyclone, called the Croydon Xyclone! Stay tuned for more updates…

Scout Hut Accommodation

Scout Hut Accommodation

Further information about the Scout Hut accommodation option:

The Scout Hut is a 10 minute walk from the course and will be available from 6pm on Friday but needs to be vacated and tidy by 10am Sunday. We will be holding a Bring Your Own BBQ on Saturday Night.

Floor space is £10 per person per night and will include the BBQ

We will provide the BBQ extras and cook for you for £3 per person.

So we need you to book your place ASAP as we need to plan provisions.

Please fill in the form below to book your place.

The Discs Are Here!

The Discs Are Here!

Behold the beautiful tournament discs from our sponsors Kastaplast. We have three moulds available – in white, the original Kaxe, a stable fast midrange – in yellow and blue, the Kaxe Z, a neutral straight gliding fast midrange – and in red, the Grym, an understable ultra-speed driver.

All discs are in Kastaplast’s premium K1 Line plastic, which gives a great combination of durability, flex and grip.

The stamp pays tribute to Croydon Disc Golf Club’s 10th year of operation.

Each player will be getting a free Kaxe or Kaxe Z as their player’s pack. On top of that, all discs are available for purchase – £10 each if you pre-pay, £11 each at the tournament. Please note the Gryms are only available to purchase (and some will be prizes).

If you would like to purchase any discs, please contact me.

Kastaplast Grym
The Grym!
Kastaplast Kaxe
Kaxe me up!
Kastaplast Kaxe Z
Kaxe Z style!
Full full full!

Full full full!

Yesterday our registration hit 90, our maximum and a record for a BDGA Tour event.

Any further registrations will be added to a waiting list. Currently registered players have until May 1st to pay for their places, or at least contact me to arrange payment; after May 1st unpaid places will become forfeit and occupied by players from the waiting list.